Crows – Psychic, Smart As Primates

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Crows are the smartest of all birds.  Parrots have the biggest brains, but crows are by far the most intelligent birds.  Even more amazingly, research in the last 10 years has shown that crows are actually as smart as apes and chimpanzees!!

Many cultures believe crows bring us information that’s as valuable as a psychic reading, messages from the spirit world to guide our lives.  Other cultures insist that crows only bring ominous warnings of awful things that are going to happen to us.  All of the varying ancient beliefs give crows a lot of credit for their wisdom, and these beliefs in fact attribute psychic ability to crows because crows are believed to predict the future, both good and bad.  Now modern science is finding out that crows are indeed extremely intelligent!

New research shows that every crow speaks two languages; one language is the cawing that we usually associate with crows which is a complex universal language that all crows use to communicate.  But, groups of crow families in any local area also speak a dialect that only their group understands, and when they speak the local dialect they use a completely different voice than the one they use to caw; their dialect voice sounds a bit like a cross between the guttural cooing of a pigeon and the sounds of a woodpecker hammering its beak against a tree (I’ve heard the dialect sound often in my neighborhood).

Crows have been observed transferring vital information to each other and to their offspring via language.  A professor of wildlife science at the University of Washington, Dr. John Marzluff, has been doing a study where scientists wear various full-face masks when capturing crows in order to put tracking bands on them.  Obviously, the crows do not like being captured, and whenever the scientists wear any of those masks again the crows swoop down in attack mode trying to scare the scientists.  Year after year, and now nine years later, whenever they put the masks on and walk around, each new generation of crows recognizes the masks and goes into attack mode on the scientists, because they have been told about the “faces” of these “dangerous people” by the crows that were originally captured and banded, and by the generations of crows that came after.  For the human brain facial recognition and describing what a face looks like to someone else are very complex processes, and even computers were not able to correctly recognize faces until the last few years.

Crows also use tools to obtain food and build their nests.  Until recently, scientists were convinced that only humans, apes, and chimpanzees used tools.  Now observations have been made all over the world of crows constantly using things in their environment as tools.

But, what’s even more amazing is that crows have been observed actually making tools!!  In New Caledonia, biologist Russell Gray, from the University of Auckland, has observed crows making hooks.  Crow using hooked toolCrows rip a twig off of a tree in a section that includes the place where it branches off as a new twig, they bite the end of the new branching-off part of the twig so that the branching part is short (about 1 inch), and leave the rest of the twig a few inches long.  Then they tear off all the leaves of both parts of the twig, so that the branching part of the twig is then a hook at the end of the longer part.  They then use this hooked stick which they’ve made to reach into a place like a deep crevice in a tree to pull out an insect larva or something else to eat.

Another University of Auckland biologist, Alex Taylor, has done experiments proving that crows are complex problem solvers.  For example, he created a situation where a crow can see that she needs a long stick to pull a piece of food out from far inside a wooden box, but this long stick is laying inside another box where the space between the bars on the front of the box is too narrow for the crow’s beak to fit through.  Without being prompted, the crow sees that a shorter stick is hanging from a nearby rope, she pulls that short stick out of a knot in the rope, uses the short stick to reach and pull the long stick out through the bars of its box, then uses the long stick to pull the food from far inside the original box!

Crows even memorize garbage truck routes in order to be in the right places to forage for food in all the garbage cans that are then lined up along the streets.  Crows eat both meat and vegetables (they’re omnivores) and have as varied a diet as most humans.

Crows mate for life and their offspring often stay with their parents in order to help raise the newest babies, frequently creating very large families.  Crows are even affectionate with each other and they seek out that affection openly.

Crows exist on every continent on our planet, except Antartica.  Nearly every culture and tribe has legends and myths about crows.  They are said to be everything from the messengers of death, to being a vehicle of insight for the tribal shaman.

In some cultures crows have an awful reputation, like in French lore where they’re seen as the souls of wicked nuns and priests.  Russians believed that evil witches shape-shifted into crows.  Celtic legend says the crow is an omen of death and conflict.  Even the English name for a bunch of crows (a “herd” of crows, so to speak) is a murder of crows!

Other cultures are not at all afraid of crows, but rather they believe that crows give us valuable psychic information, practically giving us psychic readings!  Most native American tribes (in both North and South America) believe that even just seeing a crow is good luck.  The most important feature they attribute to crows is how very intelligent they are.  If a crow has flown across your path, it is said to be a sign of change coming to you, a sign that the things you’ve been desiring and working toward are coming soon.

In those cultures, crows are also said to be giving you guidance and messages about what your next steps should be, what choices you should be making now.

In my own experience in the last 15 years I have found that crows communicate messages to me by the number of times in a row that they caw.  More often than not, if a crow has cawed 3 caws in a row (for example), they will repeat those 3 caws anywhere from a few times to very frequently.  Most of the time the number of caws being repeated is between 1 and 9, which are the significant numbers in numerology.  No matter how big any number is, in numerology we always add the digits until we come up with a single digit number, which is always between 1 and 9, making those numbers the significant ones.

Here are some examples:  When a crow (or several crows) repeat a pattern of cawing 3 times in a row, I know that the message is for me to pay attention to the numerology meaning of the number 3, which is happiness, playfulness, fun, and love.  I then understand that the way for me to get the results that I desire in life at the moment is to focus on love, fun, being happy.  Or, it could mean that love and fun stuff is coming my way soon!

When a crow (or several crows) repeat a pattern of cawing 4 times in a row, I know that the message is for me to pay attention to the numerology meaning of the number 4, which is foundation, solidity, formation, manifesting.  I then understand that the way for me to get the results that I desire in my life at the moment is to focus on forming a solid foundation from which to manifest, and I’m being told that things are growing and building up.

If the pattern is to repeat 5 caws in a row, then I know that for me to get what I want, I need to be aware that things are changing for the better (the basic meaning of the number 5), and that I will be happiest if I relax down into these changes.

If the crow’s pattern is to repeat 6 caws over and over, I know that the message it’s giving me is the meaning of the number 6, which is to open myself to the changes that have happened in my life, to open myself up to Source, to Well Being, to God, in order to receive the power and inspiration that I desire.

I encourage you to listen to the crows when you’re out in the world, open your heart to the impressive wisdom and intelligence that most ancient cultures as well as modern science say that crows have, open your mind to understanding the psychic messages they are giving you.  If you pay attention to what you’re feeling and thinking when you hear the crows, their caws can be as informative as a good psychic reading!  If you want help figuring out the messages you receive from the psychic world, or help with important choices in your life, book a psychic reading session with me online.  You will be uplifted, empowered, and inspired!


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