Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner,
Love Coach, Walter Zajac


beach, palm treesThe Creator gave you absolute free will and I will do my best to encourage you, and show you how, to make your own choices consciously.  I cannot, however, make your choices for you.  You are the one who creates your present and your future (you are indeed that powerful), and I will encourage you, show you how, and give you insights so that you can find your power to actually create the world you desire. 

I will encourage you to open your heart to the healing energy of Goddess, God, The Universe, The Source, and I will encourage you and show you how to be connected, happy, healthy, prosperous.  I will encourage you and show you how to really have fun with your life (a happy journey leads to a happy ending!)

I will encourage you and show you how to keep your desires in your active awareness, to visualize your desires being part of your life right now, and to really have fun with the process.   These are what I understand to be the essential elements of creating the reality that you desire.  I will encourage you and show you how to open your heart to healing, to all those who love you, to loving yourself and to seeing yourself as an amazing creation of beauty.

I will do my best to give you knowledge and insights that will empower you, encourage you, inspire you, and make you feel cared for and loved, and to bring you healing.  I will be gently, lovingly, completely honest with you so that you can be empowered by the truth.

I will encourage you to see all possibilities during a psychic reading.  I will show you the future of the path you are currently on and what lead you there.  I will show you ways, give you tools, so that you can empower yourself to make your path better, or change it completely.  I will encourage you to truly love yourself, and help you to take your power to make the choices that bring you happiness.

I will encourage you to ask questions in a psychic reading, NLP session, love coaching session, or in a Reiki healing, to which I will give you complete answers.  I will make every effort to be sure that you understand, and that your session is an enlightening and uplifting experience for you.

I do not believe it is morally right to put spells on anyone, and I will not interfere with any person's God-given free will. Ultimately spells do not work (they only work on you if you think you're under a spell, if you give your power to fear).  Attracting the people or things that you want with love and happiness and beauty and passion - that does work!

I am not qualified to give medical, financial, or legal advice, and I will not give you any.  I will always encourage you to seek such advice from a qualified expert.

I will never pressure you or require you to purchase anything beside your psychic session, Reiki healing, NLP session, or love coaching session which you have already bought.

I will always strive to give you my fullest attention, an open heart, and my very best.

Your psychic reading, healing session, NLP session, or coaching session are strictly confidential and private, as is your personal information, which will never be shared with anyone or any organization.

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I wish you the very best
in love, happiness, and prosperity,

Walter Zajac