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earth and moon from spaceAt the moment you were born, the planets, the moon, the sun, and the star constellations that are the 12 signs of the Zodiac, were all in a specific place (whether it was daylight or night!). The same force (type of gravity) that holds the planets in their orbit around the sun, and which holds all the stars in their specific locations in our galaxy, effects you here on earth. The combined forces from all those bodies in the universe effect each of us on the earth in a very real and significant way. All of those forces also effect each other, depending on the angle at which they meet and depending upon the way that the qualities of each universal body interact with the other, which then effects you in a particular way.  

The way these forces are aligned with each other, and their nearness to you at the moment of your birth, determine what your basic personality is like - the framework of who you are, by which everything else you experience after that moment will be measured. These forces determine how you will be inclined to perceive your world and react to your world, in other words they determine the framework of your personality.

You still have absolute free will, given to you by the Creator, so you can be whoever you want to be. Astrology helps you see and understand your basic personality makeup, so that you can use that information to see and experience your hidden talents, see what motivates you in order to use that knowledge to lead you to fulfillment, and see how to overcome whatever weakness or self-doubt you may have.

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 Your Horoscope for September 2017

by Henry Seltzer

You'll get a more accurate horoscope if you read your Rising sign, and your Moon sign, as well as your Sun sign.  Here's how:


Your Sun sign represents your Self, your way of being in the world.  It can represent both the ego (mental) self and the higher Self (soul purpose).  It symbolizes your will and sense of vitality.  
Your Sun sign horoscope will tell you what these areas of your self will encounter this month.

Your Rising sign represents your outer mask, the self you show to others.  It symbolizes how you appear to others, how others perceive you, in your true interaction with the world.  
Your Rising sign horoscope will tell you what to expect in these areas of your self this month.

Your Moon sign symbolizes your personal self, your feelings, your subconscious.  It represents how you relate to others, how you have nurturing relationships with others, your intuition, your spiritual self, your sense of security, and your habits.  The Moon symbolizes your feminine, nurturing side (we all have one).  
The Moon also indicates the type of partner you will attract, since it represents your emotional self.
  Your Moon sign horoscope will show you what these areas of your self will encounter this month.

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Aries   (March 21 – April 19)  Fire.   Ruling planet Mars.

Aires symbol

Aries Horoscope for September 2017

This is a volatile and exciting month for you Aries, when you will leave behind certain outmoded parts of yourself, although there will be plenty to deal with along the way. You have enormous resources at hand and you only need the vision to call upon them. Intuition is your guide, and is very strong within you at this time. This month is full of surprises, stemming from the time of the recent solar eclipse through the action-packed first week of the current month, and beyond, and provides deep intuitional power to bear upon your situation. It feels like you have to go slowly at times to make any progress at all, and yet the progress that you make is long lasting. Your life is changing forever, and, just as you cannot step into the same river twice, so too you cannot step into your shoes ever again and be exactly the same person that you once were.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


Your patience with nuances and details are tested this month. You might not find much that’s fine about “fine print.” Maybe you only want someone to point you toward where the action is.

Truly, you could settle just for the action. Yet, your efforts could turn out to be a waste of time if you’re not clear on specifics. And you hate wasting your time. So, what’s a Cosmos that’s happy to put you in action to do'!

Perhaps clever Mercury and tough Mars supply the best answer for this. The two planets hook up on the 3rd for the first time this month. Your inspiration and creative juices are high. But you might be too convinced that you’re on the right track when instead you’re heading up a dead-end street. You might be too excited about being in motion that you’re not paying attention to the signs.

Fortunately, Mercury emerges from his retrograde on the 5th. You’re better able to catch the clues and be more receptive to what others say. The challenge will be how to keep your confidence up while you hunt down your heart’s desire. The Pisces Full Moon on the 6th will show you how to temper that…by sending you off to a metaphorical place of depth researches.

No one’s sending you to your room. You will in fact be better grounded if you carve out some time to soak in your own sauce. You might need quiet time to hear more your own instincts rather than revving up your heart for a race that only you can run and win for and by yourself. In other words, train like an Olympian to outdo your best, not be consumed with anyone else’s idea of what best is.

That’s the real fine print to read and be ready for this month. And the second time Mars and Mercury team up on the 16th— in precise Virgo— will probably make that resoundingly clear. Once you’re freed from the rush of doing something or beating someone, you can keep track of your progress with nearly anything for the sheer joy of it. The Virgo New Moon on the 19th will help seal that deal, too.

You’ll thrive most from tightening up your workflow, workouts, work spaces, and other daily rituals. Form can support function. But easing into a flow of a process is how you more naturally craft excellence. This is usually true with anything you’ve learned to do well. At first, progress is halting. The process is tedious. But you come to see that an ounce of prevention (or preparation) is, indeed, worth a pound of cure.

Generous Jupiter’s face-off with ingenious Uranus on September 28th signals that your patience will likely pay off. Breathing new life into certain conceptual flows will free up your creative juices to stream toward more important endeavors. For you, luck will truly be preparation meeting and mating with opportunity. You’re better able to see the opportunity because you’re not rushing in where angels fear to tread. You’re strolling in where angels (and your prepping work) have cleared the path for you.


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Taurus    (April 20 – May 20)   Earth.  Ruling planet Venus.

Taurus Horoscope for September 2017

This is a big month for internal change, Taurus. The recent solar eclipse lit up your home and family sector, and it is quite possible that you will be dealing with changes and perhaps challenges on the home front. Your family of origin could also come into play, as you dig deeper into your own inner world. You have a huge helping of intuition to guide you, and your dreams might be unusually expressive to you now. All of the information that you can receive concerning what is going on for you below the surface is valuable. You are feeling your way into greater wholeness through self-examination and relationship analysis, especially when Mercury stations to direct motion from the 3rd to the 5th. You are seeking better alignment between inner and outer, and have been looking more carefully into what you value most, including family ties, and seeing how this affects worldview, concepts of partnership, and your own creativity.



The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


You’re likely to continue firming up foundations this month. Perhaps you’ve been through a shaky last few weeks. You might have communication challenges with family or loved ones at home. Or you find it hard to feel as comfortable at home as you’d like. This could prompt you to be unsure of your footing outside of the home as well. And no child of the sign of the Bull likes to feel on less than solid ground.

You can be certain that when changeable Mercury comes out of his retrograde on the 5th you’ll begin to be more stable. Mercury’s pairing with edgy Mars in Leo on the 3rd suggest that you could rush things, though. You might embark on a DIY home project that’s a little too ambitious for your skill set. Or be too aggressive in trying to repair a frayed relationship. Instead, take baby steps. Put your passion for working things out into every detail rather than strive to make gains too fast.

By the time of the Full Moon on the 6th, you’ll probably begin to mellow out. Grasping too hard and fast for what you want won’t put it in your hands any faster, especially with associates, friends or colleagues. You’ll have to go more with the flow rather than insisting that you know what’s best. Tolerance for other viewpoints doesn’t have to diminish your own confidence or another’s. Think, instead, that you could land on a new solution that neither of you expected. You want to cultivate a spongy, creative confidence that’s pliable yet firm, like plastic foam.

Mercury re-enters your fertile fifth house on the 9th. These new Virgo digs will add detail and grounding to your creativity. But your attention to the nitty-gritty of nearly anything can also raise the volume of your inner (and outer) critic. There’s no doubt that you have an incredible work ethic when it gets into drive. But remember not everyone has your same passion for work. Then also recall that details are only delicious when you relish them for their own sake. But when specifics are only from your mind and not the delight of your body and soul, they often just feel like burdens. Don’t burden yourself or others with soulless peccadilloes. You do better to express your pleasure to find your treasure.

It’s likely that at the Virgo New Moon on the 19th you’ll feel like you can bask in your comfort zone again. With enough creative confidence, you won’t feel the need to unleash your inner critic on yourself or others.

When compelling Pluto shifts out of its retrograde on September 28th, you’ll feel you can convincingly share your inventiveness with others around you. Yet, in turn, you might need to be open to wisdom and thoughts from outside yourself without wasteful struggles for dominance and control. You are empowered now to dive in deep and explore the underlying cause of some of your more troubling issues.

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Gemini   (May 21 – June 20)   Air.  Ruling planet Mercury.

Gemini symbol

Gemini Horoscope for September 2017

This is a time of consolidation, Gemini. You have been delving into interior realms within you and second-guessing familiar relationships ever since the last half of August, and this month you are seeking better answers to age-old questions regarding all that you hold inside, both the bitter and the sweet. You professional goals, expanded from the admixture of all this inner work, remain somewhat fuzzy and vague throughout the current month. You can discover more about what you are truly up to by consulting your intuition than by concrete nuts-and-bolts analysis, although this, too, has its place. The practical side of you is bolstered by the opinions of significant others in your life. The first week of September brings significant change, helping you to sort out your priorities in terms of soul-level commitment, while it is likely that the last half of the month will see you attempting to more fully understand your own early wounding.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


You might have a harder time navigating through other people’s expectations of you this month. Perhaps it’s even difficult to know what you want or feel. A good measure to take will be about becoming more aware, and doing something about it.

Quick-minded Mercury moving out of his retrograde on the 5th will certainly help you figure things out. Mercury is your sign’s go-to planet, so you also might feel you’re able to move forward. But sometimes you must reflect on what’s been holding you back before you can take great strides forward.

Since somber Saturn came out of his retrograde near the end of the last month, you’ve perhaps felt a load lift from your shoulders. Maybe it was a load you weren’t even aware you were carrying until you began to feel lighter. Or you began to piece through the fallout you had with various friends, family, or colleagues over their overt or cover expectations of you.

With Mercury moving forward and in fiery Leo, you can be direct with yourself and others over what may have gone wrong, and have positive solutions to propose. As vigorous Mars sneaks into meticulous Virgo, on the 5th as well, you’ll probably find it easier to suss out details and convert concept into constructive action. But don’t yield into going into overdrive with work when Mercury partners with Mars in Virgo on the 16th. You might beware of becoming too demanding of others without enough rest or perspective on all that you want to carry out.

Luckily, the Pisces Full Moon on the 6th can serve to lift you out of any tedious toil. The time of the Full Moon is a good time to clarify your own expectations. You might want to check in on whether you’re keeping your eyes on the chief dreams and prizes you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Perhaps you’ve buried yourself in a lot of busy work rather than commit to what you once saw as your main mission.

Then, on the 22nd, the exuberant Sun’s entry into breezy Libra, the sign lining your fifth house of pleasure and creative confidence, will award you with ease of trusting yourself again.

Generous Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus bolster this message when they strive to reach for a winning deal when they oppose each other on the 28th. For you, that deal could be a real accord you make with someone with whom you’ve been at odds. Or it might manifest as a lucky break with something (or someone) that has been on your radar for a while. However it shows up, though, know that it’s likely happening in line with letting up the focus on others to relax into your own joy or pleasure.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, seconds that sentiment when it goes into Libra on the last day of the month. With the Sun and Mercury located in your house of pleasurable self-confidence, you’ll also find more of the words and thoughts to stay on track with your own desire. And you can still keep tracking on how to support others, with clearer expectations.


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Cancer   (June 21 – July 22)   Water.  Ruling planet is the Moon.

Cancer Symbol

Cancer Horoscope for September 2017

This is a month when you are reaching for a turn-around, Cancer. Things are up in the air for you in matters of career and profession, with sudden fits and starts. You feel spiritually expansive in some ways, yet constrained in others, more dedicated to what you conceive as your life path and to the discipline involved to achieve it. You seek a better alignment between what you do and what on the inside you most profoundly adhere to. Relationship is a rapidly changing landscape for you, as you explore the manner in which cherished partners can contribute to your overall arc of personal evolution. Everything is a bit murky and unknown, especially around the timing of the Pisces Full Moon of September 6th, which conjuncts Neptune. Your values are subject to deep introspection, ultimately leading you to a new understanding of the world around you and your place within it.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


For you, the meditative cold snap of fall might come early this year. The fall season often heralds a time when animals furiously and furtively gather up food and other goods to quiet themselves for the winter. Of course, winter is a whole season away; however you might still feel like you must rush around at the top of the month before you settle into some kind of repose.

Roving Mercury comes out of its retrograde on the 5th, and will eventually be moving forward in your astrological third house. This will likely make it easier for you to flit around at the top of the month to connect with friends, neighbors, siblings, and other dear ones. But don’t be in too much of a rush. When Mercury teams up with edgy Mars on the 3rd and the 16th, you’ll need patience. Haste can lead to speaking wasteful words or missing opportunities for more of the heartfelt connections you enjoy. You benefit when you can see the extra energy you have as a blessing to do more with others.

The dreamy Pisces Full Moon on the 6th will likely usher in a perspective shift over the next two weeks. Don’t worry. You’re not going into full-on hibernation mode. This month’s celestial weather will goad you to conserve more of your energy, and to be even sharper and more focused.

As you settle down near the middle of the month, you might be inspired to make improvements and streamline your workflow at home or in your workspaces. You can use the disciplined square between the illuminating Sun and serious Saturn around the 13th to simplify and clarify. You’re likely to feel amply grounded since the soothing Moon will also be in your sign for few days around that time.

At the exacting Virgo New Moon on the 19th, you’ll probably find it easier to follow up on connections and developments you started earlier in the month. Again, take it slow. Think more depth than breadth. You’re likely in a different head and heart space than you were at the top of the month. Your intuition and imaginative powers are moving into high gear.

The Sun’s movement into Libra, your sign’s solar fourth house on the 22nd will certainly help you feel more anchored and planted. You’re naturally drawn to enjoy the company of those closest to you. And you also likely will better relish delights you can have at home, even alone.

Fortunate Jupiter’s face-off by opposition with unpredictable Uranus bodes for a unique opportunity to have relief from a difficult situation at home or work. Pluto moving out of its retrograde on the 28th echoes a similar message for un-sticking stalled situations or relationships.


As Mercury settles into your now cozier fourth house on September 29th, you’ll be drawn to reflect on dear memories you’ve had with close people in your life, like your family or folks who feel like family. You will also be committed to creating memories that are even more beautiful.

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Leo   (July 23 – August 22)   Fire.  Ruling planet is the Sun.

Leo Symbol

Leo Horoscope for September 2017

This is a time of regrouping, Leo, and the consolidation of gains. You have been through a rebirth since the solar eclipse, through the last ten days of the previous month, and with Mercury currently retrograde in your sign, you are reflecting on the past few weeks and, with changes in mind, looking to the future. You need not be concerned if you feel held back from the fullest expression of your creative talents during this period of adjustment, since your true goal is longer lasting. With Mercury’s station to direct motion on he 5th, and the Full Moon of the 6th, you may come to greater awareness of your depths, as well as the inner realms of partners. New perspectives abound, influenced by a strong intuitive grasp of realities beyond what the surface layers of your personality normally see. This affects the way that you see your role heading into the remainder of the year, in both professional and personal contexts.



The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


Your sign is often associated with royalty and authority. But stewardship is as important as rulership. If you’re not a wise manager of your resources, such as time, money, or your talents, you can’t expect to rule much or for long. You’re challenged to be a better steward this month to excel as a ruler in your own life or your responsibilities toward others.

You’re first called on the carpet by a benevolent universe to account for how you communicate what you want. This goes for speaking and listening. Swift Mercury’s retrograde in your sign drops the first clue about this. When Mercury pairs up with sharp Mars by conjunction on the 3rd, you’re prone to be quick on the draw and impatient. There’s no sense pushing for fast results if the means are unduly burdened with misunderstandings. You’re bound to come out on top if you match a need for efficiency with consideration for people’s feelings and time.

Once Mercury re-enters his home sign of Virgo, on the 9th, you may well see that patience pays off. You are also likely to be critical of yourself and others as Mercury heads back toward another crash encounter with antsy Mars in Virgo on the 16th.

You could be in such a hurry to improve that you might buy something big in haste and feel remorse at leisure. Take the time to think things through. Weighing all the details might seem too tedious and draining for you. Yet, so is wasting money. If you’re going to take a risk on something, make sure it’s a well-considered one. The tense square between your sign’s go-to planet, the dazzling Sun, and disciplined Saturn on the 13th reinforce this message.

The Virgo New Moon on the 19th will refresh your ability to manage and scrutinize multiple details with your resources. It’s usually a good idea at this timing to prune your spending. And it’s even better when you can come up with new ideas to make money, whether that’s a side hustle or a way to earn more at your current job. This can also be a good time to review your investment portfolios to see if they’re on target for your goals.

Focused Pluto’s shift out of retrograde on the 28th in your orderly sixth house might help you to meet other short and long-term goals in many areas of your life. You’ll have to refine or perhaps re-define your schedules and routines.

As Mercury and the Sun settle into sociable Libra toward the end of the month, you’ll also find it easier to boost your social capital. Mingling and networking, with neighbors, peers, or siblings, will also help you feel supported. You can, in turn, give valuable encouragement to others. Good humored Jupiter’s dance by opposition with inventive Uranus reveals that someone’s wisdom is bound to pave a way for you to better showcase your gifts and responsibilities. Your increased sage management of what you have will allow you to share more of it.


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Virgo   (August 23 – September 22)   Earth.   Ruling planet Mercury.

Virgo Symbol

Virgo Horoscope for September 2017

This has been and will continue to be an exciting, illuminating and potentially confusing period of time, Virgo. It has been a dynamic couple of weeks leading up to the beginning of this month, punctuated by the solar eclipse of August 21st in your neighboring sign, and for the first week of September as well. You might feel that you have considerations of identity coming to the fore, and intimations of that which is beyond everyday awareness, subtle messages stemming from the highly intuitional and largely unconscious processes of your own inner world. Through it all, and with the help of these secret communications, you have been refining your understanding of who you really are. Partners might be able to help by lending their perspective, although they themselves have been somewhat mysterious lately so that you may have to stretch your mind a little in order to get the picture complete of what they are attempting to convey.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


There’s an old Broadway musical titled “Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With God.” You might feel like your arms too short for a lot of things now. But fortunately, you won’t have to go many rounds with God. In fact, you might find that the Cosmos is more in your corner once you’ve stepped up your training. The test this month is where and when to “fight”; to find the right battle.

Keen Mercury’s retrograde over the last month has fueled more chances to question yourself and your confidence. As Mercury pairs with capable Mars on the 3rd for the first of two times this month, you might also feel shaky about your competence. It is important to note that it is not because you’ve suddenly become incompetent, or unfit for the work you do.

True, indeed, you might not have the reach to take down any deities. Yet, your heart hungers for more. You’re ready to come up harder and tougher for your dreams and anything (or anyone) that’s been in your way. This might seem easier for you after Mercury begins to move forward on the 5th .

On the 6th, the very next day, the Pisces Full Moon rises into the night sky. You’ll likely have to manage strong feelings that will likely erupt as you pursue a goal. This might feel like the “boxing match” that you’re trying to avoid. Perhaps someone or something stands in the way of getting what you want.

But the tense-ridden square between the bright Sun and stodgy Saturn on the 13th suggests there’s something else to consider. The discipline of tackling an obstacle usually highlights resistances and fears that we don’t face within because we’re too consumed by what we see ahead of us. In fact, what’s in front of you can distract you from what’s truly important.

The second meet-up between Mars and Mercury in your sign on the 16th will help you prioritize. You can better face your fears or hang-ups that have been holding you back, perhaps so much that you might have to tone down how direct and bullish you are. Your perseverance jumps up several notches. Your patience with the foibles of others will probably go down. Be as kind to others as you can be, and remain tough on the tasks you’re out to conquer.

By the time of the Virgo New Moon on the 19th and near the end of your solar season, you’ll feel renewed and ready to fight the right fight. Mostly because now you know where it is. You might score a knock-out when generous Jupiter faces off against ingenious Uranus on the 28th . This isn’t just dumb luck, though, but rather is cosmic confirmation that you’ve found the right arena for releasing your inner tensions. Once resolute Pluto rolls out of its own retrograde in your fifth house of pleasure and creative confidence on September 28th , you’ll have even more grit and energy to achieve your dreams.


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Libra   (September 23 – October 22)   Air.  Ruling planet Venus.

Libra Symbol

Libra Horoscope for September 2017

This is an interesting month for you, Libra, with surprising relationship events and unexpected enlightenment. You are figuring out your future, with the aid of others’ perspectives, and also by paying the closest possible attention to the hidden side of your personality that reveals itself in dreams, waking visions, and intuitional flashes of insight. Your professional choices, high on your agenda in the weeks leading up to the current month, become merged with these more private, yet still vital, concerns. With Mercury Retrograde as the month begins, you are in almost a spell of deep introspection, so that forging a better alignment between inner and outer becomes a necessary component of your prospective pathway forward. You are renewing your commitment of service to the larger collective that surrounds you, punctuated by the Full Moon of September 6th, and the subsequent Virgo New Moon also, although at both these timings in a rather diffuse and spiritually based, rather than purely practical, manner.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


What happens when a social butterfly must cocoon into something else' That’s something you’ll explore this month. Even you don’t think of yourself as much of a social creature.

How often you traipse around in a group or with friends isn’t all that important. It’s more about how you link and feel about those connections. With talky Mercury’s retrograde in one of your key social areas, some of your network might have had some glitches recently. Maybe you couldn’t communicate as clearly as you desired. Or the reverse: what might have been most frustrating was not knowing how to fix the problem.

Sometimes when frustration builds, we rush into solutions. Perhaps that’s what you might try as Mercury teams up with gutsy Mars by conjunction on the 3rd. You will likely have the right impulse. But there’s probably something off about your method. For instance, you may make snap judgments about what someone does, rather than ask them about it directly.

Fortunately, Mercury moves out of its retrograde on the 5th. Perhaps then you can begin a genuine process of figuring out what’s been your issue with certain folks. In fact, you be due for a few surprises.

The mysterious Pisces one on the 6th may bring revelations; after all, that’s what Full Moons often do, and this one will likely be no exception. But perhaps the most surprising reveals will start with you. You probably need to change how you always do something. Maybe some measure of the discord you’re experiencing with others rests with a practice or habit of yours that’s become off-putting. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you automatically have to change it. But you should look closer at whether what you’re doing fully serves you.

You’ll benefit from the introspection. Otherwise, you might experience the tense-ridden square between the glorious Sun and stodgy Saturn on the 13th as merely repressive. You don’t have to feel it that way. You can instead discipline and discern for yourself what you might need to improve on your own rather than wait for others to assert their own demands.

This will help ease any possible anxiety when Mars and Mercury meet up for a second time on the 16th in your meditative 12th house. This cocoon of contemplation will help you better face fears, habits or hang-ups that have been derailing important relationships. But be kind to yourself. These two planets together can put a lot of pressure on you for quick changes. But think more that you’re starting a process of change rather than speeding through it.

At the Virgo New Moon on the 19th and near the beginning of your solar birthday season, you’ll likely feel ready to greet friends and colleagues with more attention to details in your dynamic with them. Wise Jupiter’s showdown by opposition with intuitive Uranus on the 28th may help you with new ideas that allow you to navigate through tense situations with creativity.

As the Sun settles into your sign on the 22nd, you’ll feel even more like yourself.
Then, once resolute Pluto rolls out of its own retrograde on the 28th, your roots will deepen and you’ll feel even better about spreading out to connect with others.


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Scorpio   (October 23 – Nov 21)   Water.  Ruling planets Mars, Pluto.

Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio Horoscope for September 2017

You are finding your way forward this month in some very new and different ways, Scorpio. The career and professional life decisions that you make are based on both mystical and entirely practical considerations, either alternating or an amalgam of both. This is confusing unless and until you learn to let go of entire control and allow the universe to do its part. You will have a better handle on what it is that you hold inside, at depth, after the powerful Mercury Retrograde has fully passed, over the course of the first two weeks of the month. There are many surprises in store as you take up what might be considered the roadmap for the rest of your life, with a growing sense of commitment to higher purpose. This serves the surrounding collective as well as making a match with your most ch Erished values, at least as far as you can discern them.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


Celebrated author Johannes Von Goethe said, “Freedom and life are earned by those who alone conquer them each day anew.” In many ways this month, you’ll both affirm and discover more about this maxim.

Your search to steer your own course through life on your own terms deepens. You don’t like anyone or anything to push you around. In worldly terms, this is what many call power or perhaps self-empowerment. But, for you, this mostly means freedom. And you are truly willing to fight for your freedom, nearly at any costs.

Mercury’s retrograde through commanding Leo ends on the 5th. For the last month, you’ve likely had some questions about your own power or ambition. Or perhaps you’ve had miscommunications with others in authority. Since Mercury’s match-up by conjunction with driven Mars on the 3rd, though, you’ve likely felt compelled to answer the questions and untangle knotted conversations. The key is whether you’ll try to do that with impatience and pent-up frustration, even anger. Or will you tap into deeper reserves with greater patience and wisdom.

One way to find your chill might come along with the Pisces Full Moon on the 6th. You could be putting so much emphasis on your freedom and autonomy that you lose sight of what makes your life pleasurable. You benefit by taking time to appreciate the sweeter aspects of life, or by meditating on what makes you happy. This is not necessarily how you’ll be happy. Sometimes if you relax a little, you can find your way to the how far more easily than from all your best laid plans and schemes. Your intuition can get more into the game, as well. Your gut often knows a course of action while your brain is still chewing on one thought at a time.

The sweeping vision of your intuition doesn’t mean you won’t have to earn each piece of the puzzle you’re putting together. Fortunately, you have Mercury joining Mars again on the 16th —this time in precise Virgo—to help with that. This happens in your 11th house of friends, associates, and future goals. As Goethe said, you can begin to mine each day and each friendship for your freedom and your life.

The Virgo New Moon of the 19th will challenge you to right relationship and new planning for a future you can really live with. In this, you might need to recognize that none of us can stay here without serving something or someone larger than ourselves. There are just too many details to manage without the help of the universe to guide us.

Generous Jupiter’s opposition with eccentric Uranus on the 28th may bring beautiful lessons also. Your goodwill toward another could be an unexpected blessing. Your commitment to conquer each day can be recognized by others who share your commitment to freedom for all. Having a tit for tat mentality doesn’t truly balance out life’s ledgers, and your open-hearted help can grow like compounded interest in the life of another.


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Sagittarius   (Nov 22 – Dec 21)   Fire.  Ruling planet Jupiter.

Sagittarius symbol

Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2017

This is the first month of the rest of your life, Sagittarius, in a very real sense. You are participating in an exciting vision for yourself and for the world around you that takes your creative self-expression in startling new directions and brings enthusiasm to practical plans and goals for a better connection to your own unique internal mandate for constructive change. There is a nay-saying or reluctant part of you that may also be active now and must, in some respects at least, be overcome. You are getting entirely serious about supporting a fresh level of commitment to deeply held values and a changing world view, in spite of whether or not these values are supported by the current trends in consensus thinking. These evolving goals may very well involve a renewed connection to Nature and the environment as your sense of personal contribution continues to expand.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


With this being the first full month that stern Saturn hasn’t treaded backward through your sign, more of your buoyancy and adventurousness is likely to soar. It helps further that on the 5th, crafty Mercury slips out of its retrograde. In fiery Leo, representing your 9th solar house, Mercury prompts you to dream of visiting distant shores, and to long for more adventure. Once Mercury is moving forward, and especially after the 19th, you could feel like you, too, can move forward with your plans.

As vigorous Mars sneaks into meticulous Virgo, you’ll probably find it easier to suss out details and take practical steps toward putting things in motion. You also might feel more like your firebrand self since Mars will be flying his bright banner high in your tenth house of achievement. When Mercury partners with Mars in Virgo on the 16th, you may become corrective with those around you. If so, be sure to leaven your criticisms with compassion. You can use your need for precision as a guide, rather than as an exacting rule measure.

Fortunately, the Virgo New Moon on the 19th can serve to shake you out of any tedious need to get it all right. It’s time to return to the big picture visions and dreams that truly light you up. In turn, you’re able to tap into what inspires others. It’s good to know that trading in your microscope for a telescope doesn’t mean you’re not grounded. The particulars will prompt you to seek out the universal. If you join a group, for instance, you’re probably interested in learning the specifics to see if its core principles and philosophy match up with its practices. Then you’ll roll up your sleeves to see how you can improve things.

And that’s where you may need to be careful. A key part of changing the world is having the wisdom to know what can be changed. Hear others out, even when you believe you know what they’re going to say. Cooperation doesn’t only show us that no person is an island; it shows us how we get off islands and see more of the world.

With this kind of mindset, you might just score a long-desired special opportunity. This is especially so when generous Jupiter faces off against unique Uranus on the 28th. Also, Pluto’s release out of its own retrograde on the same day in a key financial sector of your chart bodes well for successfully mining out the resources you need.

Mercury finishes the month by going into Libra, the sign associated with your house of friendships, groups, desires, and plans. If you go on a trip, or to enjoy nature, you might find it more enjoyable with a companion or with a group. If you stay home, you’re likely to be chatting it up. You’ll especially appreciate someone who fans your flashes of insight with keen thoughts of their own.


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Capricorn   (Dec 22 – Jan 19)   Earth.   Ruling planet Saturn.

Capricorn symbol

Capricorn Horoscope for September 2017

This is a strange and wonderful time for you, Capricorn, the more so when you can relax and go with the flow. In the wake of the recent powerful solar eclipse from last month, you are evolving a new style of intimacy with significant others and also with yourself. You have a deep commitment now to develop your understanding of who you are on the inside, and you are beginning to see that the internal and largely unconscious part of yourself is quite as important as the conscious side. Your thoughts and words may be fuzzy and vague these days, and communicative mishaps more common, and this is due in part to your concerted focus on soul-level matters. Your life is in fact a waking dream; although, since you are so well grounded in practicalities, this too is difficult to recognize. As psychologist Thomas Moore once stated, the very nature of the soul is paradox.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


At the brink of fall, members of your sign come into their own, the beginning of their wintry element. You may feel somehow behind a curve you’ve set for yourself. Perhaps you are feeling stagnant or that you’re not doing enough to build a legacy or help those who matter to you. That could be about to change, however. You are engaged in depth researches as the month begins that might help you to score a field goal.

The next clue that you’re on the brink of real progress happens on the 5th, when sharp-minded Mercury moves out of its retrograde funk. Perhaps over the last month, you’ve been harboring many real and imagined concerns about the future. While essentially optimistic, you could yet feel too many “what ifs” sliding toward the negative and not enough toward the daring and positive. You might well be holding internal tensions.

As Mars sweeps into your ninth house of learning and broad-minded thinking on the 5th this helps you set up better plans for action. Perhaps plans and ideas will come to you as you travel, or while you dive headlong into a book or set of classes. You might feel like scales fall off your eyes and energy surges into your mind.

Mars’ brawn teams up with Mercury’s brains by conjunction on the 3rd and again on the 16th. The first meeting of muscle and mind on the 3rd will likely inspire you to create more out of concrete ideas that have a long-lasting impact on the world. The second meeting of Mars and Mercury in your house of higher mind will show you how you can trade up your reach and your world view in general. You might need to be patient with your first attempts at improvement, though. You can’t rush perfection.

The Pisces Full Moon of the 6th will allow you to swim deep enough into your feelings to relieve any inner tension you might have been experiencing. The Virgo New Moon on 19th will seal more of your confidence and clarity in greater detail with whatever you’re seeking to understand.

When the open-faced Sun enters graceful Libra on the 22nd, you may move from the practice field into arenas that are more public. If you have a few tremors of self-doubt, this can be good, for it means you take the challenges that you face most seriously. If you relish the challenge to show your mettle, you will rise to the occasion.

In fact, the tug-of-war between bountiful Jupiter and unusual Uranus on the 28th will likely inspire opportunities that will seek you out every bit as much as you hunger for and seek them. It benefits you not to wonder too much about how things might piece together differently from your plans. You’ve done the work to prepare for the lucky break. Seize the moment!

Pluto moving forward in your sign on the 28th will ground the changes taking place within you , fostering renewed perseverance and determination. You’re ready to for the world and the only question is – Is it ready for you' If you have been acting with sincerity and in alignment with your deep intention, you’ll soon find out to the positive!


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Aquarius   (Jan 20 – Feb 18)   Air.  Ruling planets Uranus, Saturn.

Aquarius symbol

Aquarius Horoscope for September 2017

This is another wild and wooly month for you, Aquarius, with communicative outreach and relationship a focus, with the ups and downs of idealism versus misunderstanding an important part of the picture. Stemming from the month of August, punctuated by the powerful solar eclipse of its final weeks, you have had a fascination with the potential as well as the limitations of partnership interaction. A fresh start is indicated. The first week of September brings these issues up with a bang, especially on the 3rd and the 6th. This perhaps includes confusion around shared resources, as well as ideals of self-definition and connection with others. You have at this time a strong love of learning and an intention toward greater communicative outreach as a soul-level commitment. It is vital that you fully explore your intuitive understanding of who you truly are, and allow your relationship activity and outer-world agenda to follow suit.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


We usually only learn to walk by crawling and stumbling along. It’s a good thing that we’ve probably forgotten how many times we landed face-first. Otherwise, we’d all be embittered before we were fully out of diapers. Remember that as you face various setbacks, doubts, or disconnects now.

Perhaps you’re feeling the aftermath of August’s Leo-Aquarius eclipses. Although you don’t have to go fearing the worse, there could be a tendency to think more about what you’ve lost, or how you’ve experienced hurt, than the upside of positive changes you might ultimately experience.

Fortunately, Mercury spins out of his retrograde funk on the 5th, to straighten out, and then, finally, on the 19th when it escapes its retrograde shadow. If you’ve been out of tune with dear ones or strangers, then you may be about to strike a better chord with them. It’s important, however, to own up where you’ve been in the wrong, and not to let pride or self-righteousness get in the way of solid reflection, or accepting someone’s genuine remorse.

In fact, you may need to be careful with how you could catch or lob angry words. That’s especially true around the time quick Mercury teams up with edgy Mars on the 3rd and then again on the 16th.

Instead, you can put concrete ideas into action to shore up ways you might have experienced loss. Perhaps you do need to get a case for the cell phone you’ve now dropped for the fifth time. Or you should update an important insurance policy. The resources of others might come into play at the very least as food for thought.

To be sure the Pisces Full Moon on the 6th gives you spiritual sustenance, while the Virgo New Moon on the 19th makes for chances to bolster your finances and savings. You’re prodded to trim away waste and debt. You might also try being more creative about how you earn your money. Perhaps you need to invest in yourself and your skills, as well, and tune deeply into what motivates you at soul level.

Jupiter’s last month in your Libra ninth house of higher mind and travel might correspond to your taking classes or broadening your skill set. Or perhaps you will benefit by getting greater perspective on your life with a trip abroad. It’s also possible that you might evaluate and expand your philosophy and outlook on life. It is good to avoid thinking too narrowly.

The brilliant Sun, grand Jupiter and inventive Uranus could help you with that when Jupiter and Uranus face off to on the First Quarter Moon of the 27th to spell out opportunities for greater understanding and knowledge, particularly with thorny subjects or materials that have been difficult for you to crack. The open-faced Sun having entered your ninth house on the 22nd, you are bound to feel more confident about what you already know or need to know. You will possibly have more clarity where there has been fogginess, and brilliance where there has been hesitation.

When Pluto lifts away from his retrograde, on the 28th, the forward motion could feel jarring at first. You are tuning in more deeply to inner process at this time, and the ultimate outcome could amount to anew lease on life by including unconscious parts of yourself more completely into the picture. Of course, there’s always the chance that you could stumble. But that’s when you get up and dust yourself off. And keep on going, just as you’ve done many times before.


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Pisces   (Feb 19 – March 20)   Water. Ruling planets Neptune, Jupiter.

Pisces symbol

Pisces Horoscope for September 2017

This is a month of revelation and new understandings for you, Pisces, with shifts in perspective that are facilitated by important others. Your most ch Erished principles, a subject of interest for months now, take on added significance with your career sector ruler in direct opposition with the new planet Eris, plus Uranus, located in your resources sector. This indicates a shift toward innovation in your values and their potential for being realized. In symbolic resonance with the retrograde of Mercury through your opposite sector, you are reviewing the impact of relationship on your life in general, and partners are also simultaneously involved in shaping your evolving world view. You are in an interesting place of both optimism and pessimism toward outer world events and practical professional considerations, so that you may well find that following your intuition toward alignment with your most deeply held beliefs is your surest pathway forward.


The following was written by this month's guest columnist Samuel Reynolds; visit him at Unlock Astrology :


Reflective Mercury’s retrograde from last month has perhaps gotten you to think quite a lot about your relationships, plus how you do your tasks and what truly motivates you. You might be striving for greater efficiency. Or perhaps you want to feel less burdened by tedious tasks and yearn for more conviction behind what you do.

Artists can testify that it’s often hard to know when their artwork is finished. There’s always some detail to work over more. Perhaps an earlier idea deserves a second chance. Or an idea has gotten one chance too many and should be cut out. And the whole time, an artist feels the need to steel against the critical gaze and thoughts of others. You might wrestle with some of the same feelings, whether you’re dealing with a project, artwork of your own, or your attempts to live a meaningful and responsible life.

When Mercury teams up with passionate Mars in heart-centered Leo on the 3rd, you’ll likely begin to discover greater gusto about what you do and how you do it. You’ll likely come to greater clarity when Mercury moves out of its retrograde on the 5th. You’ll begin to get out of your rut regarding routine, while your work could border on having deep ritualistic meaning for you. This could also be true for any exercise or diet regimens you begin now as well.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 6th will do a lot to boost your confidence and sense of accomplishment. Your very identity may go through a phase of revitalization. You will likely know this as true because you’re feeling connected to your various tasks and duties from the inside out. When you act from something of a Zen place, this can all feel quite awesome.

The other issue when Mercury and Mars come together, as they do again on the 16th, is that tempers may flare and interpersonal relationships thus suffer, or there might be critiques given or received. It becomes easier to slip into defensiveness. Yet, don’t do it.

The wisdom of the Virgo New Moon on the 19th is better processed as an embrace of the your relationship dynamic without becoming consumed by it. There’s a big difference between making something the best it can be and trying to make it perfect.

Your best comes from your own heart and zeal for a task. You don’t need to write like Shakespeare or create new worlds like Einstein. Perhaps even The Bard didn’t live up to his own standards. Perfection is when we’re often driven by standards that are not our own. Only you know when you’ve given your absolute best. How do you know when you’ve made the progress you can make' Trust your heart.

As Mercury and the bountiful Sun settle into Libra toward the end of the month, you’ll be able to tap deeper reserves of strength and clarity from maturing your critical voice. You’ll wisely be better able to match difficulties in improvement with more grounded and sustainable methods, while being less likely to have anxiety about how you please others before you’ve pleased yourself first.


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Overview of the Planets this month:

An Introspective and Surprising Month of September

The astrology of September features Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Mercury is still retrograde as the month begins, stationing to direct motion on the 5th and finally escaping its retrograde shadow on the 19th. Mars was involved in a grand trine in Fire signs with Saturn and Eris in the timing of the very powerful New Moon and solar eclipse of August 21st that initiated the current thirty-day lunation. Mars also conjuncts retrograde Mercury at the eclipse degree on September 3rd, just before his entrance into Mercury’s sign of Virgo on the 5th. Because the solar eclipse was in partile trine with Uranus, echoed in the New Moon of September 19th, we may expect weird doings all month long, plus unexpected enlightenment, “in the strangest of places.” With the new planet, Eris, emphasized as well, representing a spiritual warrior energy in support of soul intention, we are likely to come much closer to a true understanding of what motivates us at deep levels, especially if we are paying attention.

Neptune is definitely involved in the changes and the challenges of September. For one thing, the Full Moon of September 6th precisely conjuncts Neptune. Then, too, Jupiter aspected Neptune at the August 21st eclipse event, while, when Mercury stationed retrograde, it was opposed to Neptune, initiating an unusually strong retrograde period that is completing by the 19th –taking the retrograde shadow into account. We have seen uncertainty, confusion and deception, including the possibility of self-deception, in various ways, both collectively and individually, while there has also been a marked spiritual component to at least some of the recent happenings. Because Mercury stations to direct motion on September 5th precisely on the eclipse degree, the entire retrograde period continues to be quite strong, and productive of dreamy introspection.

Pluto, too, is significantly invoked, being closely parallel to Saturn all month long, right through his station direct in late September, in minor aspect to the Sun and Moon in the eclipse New Moon, and aspected by Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in the September 6th Full Moon configuration. Since Uranus is so prominently positioned, in partile trine to the August 21st event, plus in another partile aspect, an inconjunct, to the September 19th Virgo New Moon, we have yet another instance of powerfully placed Uranus with highlighted Pluto, while their distance from each other is once again shrinking. By the methods proposed by seminal astrologer Richard Tarnas, their square lasts until 2020. The remainder of this decade and particularly the last half of 2017 will see further acknowledgment of massive change for each individual, and in the surrounding social structures.

Finally, it is also interesting to note that Chiron, in late Pisces, is almost exactly opposed by the September 19th New Moon, within a degree. Chiron represents the archetype of the Wounded Healer, and thus the latter half of September promises to be filled with even greater general feelings of angst, as well as greater awareness about how trauma stemming from early childhood can invade the present moment. Our very fears, together with feelings of lack of self-worth, may have the effect of holding us back from being all that we can be, even through strong inherent desire to articulate and embody our ideals. In the present context of major changes that affect everyone, this might be considered a form of “future shock,” in which we are fearful because so unsure of where as a society we might be heading. The antidote for all this psychological suffering is two-fold; first we must have faith in an essentially benevolent universe to have our best interest at heart and to sustain us, easier said than done of course, and secondly, we must have faith that we can solve the conundrum of our individual existence by getting in touch with ourselves at soul-level. By tuning in to intuition and our own inner voice, we can inhabit more of our higher self, presenting us with the needed courage to articulate and act upon our most treasured vision.

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