Increase Your Power Meditation

Increase Your Power – 6-min. Meditation Using NLP

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This is a 6-minute guided meditation for increasing your power and being more in tune with Source.  This meditation will also deepen your psychic ability, whether you’re tuning into your own psychic messages or doing a psychic reading for someone else.  I do a fast version of this whenever I want to increase my power by connecting more deeply to Source, and before every psychic reading or any other type of session, including Reiki, NLP, psychic medium sessions, or love coaching.

This meditation uses NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to make the increase in your power be even more effective.  NLP works by involving all five of your physical senses as well as your emotions, so that it has a powerful effect on you that is similar to hypnosis.

Try this meditation yourself.  You will most likely be amazed by how it increases your sense of well-being, your sense of self-confidence and personal power, as well as your psychic awareness.

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