Create the love life that you've always wanted!

Want a more exciting love life?

Want to understand men / women better?

Want to believe you actually ARE amazing to a lover?

Want to communicate better with your lover?

Want to be more confident and better at sex?

Want to have better dates?

Want to rekindle the magic in your relationship?



Can't stand yourself, neither can anybody else

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The Best Thing You Could Do For Your Love Life!

Let yourself be guided, enlightened, and inspired by Walter Zajac's 14 years of professional experience in helping people create and attract the love that they desire.
You'll get great results whether your goal is just to date, to find the love of your life, or to rekindle that magical spark in your current relationship.  You'll be empowered and fulfilled whether you're straight, gay, bi, or trans.
Walter has studied relationship dynamics, effective communication methods, tantric sex, and emotional connection for many years.  He has also personally had fifty years of varied love relationship experiences with people of wide-ranging international, multi-cultural, and multi-racial backgrounds.
Your Art of Love SESSIONS will be CUSTOMIZED exclusively for you, to fit your desires, your lifestyle, your personality, and your needs.


~ psychic readings
~ NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Techniques
~ expert love and relationship advice
~ new life-changing perspectives
~ and more.


“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.”

~ Brene Brown, PhD, research sociologist

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

~ Tony Robbins, famous motivational speaker, coach


Love Coaching, The Art of Love, will bring you these skills:


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- Finding compatibility (whether single or already involved)

- Knowing who's compatible, who your type is

- Knowing vital secrets about your type

- Making it beautiful every time

- Finding your confidence (whether single or already involved)

- Creating and receiving better romance, better love

- Understanding how the other one thinks

- Communicating with love

- Connecting with your heart and soul

- Staying in love, staying excited

- Getting the results that you desire

- Improving your sex life

- Seeing yourself as amazing and desirable

- Loving yourself with real passion




couple walking on beach"My love coaching therapy under Walter's guidance has been substantial... I have nothing but glowing praise for Walter's therapeutic counsel for those who seek positive, lasting results."   ~ Malcolm, San Francisco, CA

Walter has helped me regain power through a breakup, complete life change, and recurring relationship habits with lovers friends and family.  He has also helped me overcome bad habits using NLP techniques.  I can hardly recognize my life...  He is an amazing spiritual advisor, mentor, and just a really cool cat.   ~ A.J., Toronto, ON

I don't think I would be as happy as I am today or as confident as I am in myself without all of your wisdom and patience.  You helped transform me into this new person who is more grounded and loves herself.  Thank you for making a difference in my life Walter!  And helping me trust in the male species and in the process of life.    ~ Maria, Chicago, IL

He encouraged me to re-connect with a past love -- and just recently we were married.  He has lovingly guided and counseled me through some difficult situations.  A truly wonderful, spiritual and joyous soul!  I am so grateful.   ~ Betsy, Burlingame, CA

Walter is genuine and warm hearted and he radiates his love through the phone.  He truly cares about his clients and helps guide you.  I met Walter during a very dark period in my life and he literally helped me see the light.  Thank you Walter from the bottom of my heart.  You truly are an amazing man and friend 🙂   Who needs a shrink when you got Walter?    ~ Miss T, Chicago, IL






girls hugging* 2 x 60-minute sessions each month - (3-month commitment recommended)

* generous email support

* free 30-min Self Love Meditation with NLP, Reiki (MP3, high tech)

* empowering NLP Techniques
 (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

* expert love and relationship advice

* new life-changing perspectives

* many useful handouts & powerful information 

* recording of each session


couple walking under bridgeArt of Love - Package Prices (33% discount):

$198/hour regular rate

Package rate = $132/hr.


2 x 60 minutes = $264 / month  - (3-month commitment recommended)

This is a bi-weekly program.

Both appointments in each package must take place within 38 days

There will be fun homework!


It takes at least 3 months to actually change your behavior habits and your perceptions.




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