~ Certified Honest Psychic Medium
~ Reputable Authentic Clairvoyant
~ Compassionate Love Relationship Advisor
~ Spiritual Advisor For Career And Business

white sand beachDoes he (she) really love you?

How do you attract true love?

How can you get along better with your lover?

Will you ever get married and have kids?

How can you get along better with a family member?

Should you move to that new place, or new city?

What's your best career move?

How can you get along better with your boss?

Should you start that new business?

Which applicant should you hire?

Would that person be a good business partner?



Get All Your Questions Answered,

With An Empowering Psychic Reading!








~ You create your universe by the thoughts you have each moment.  Ancient Spiritual Scriptures say it and Quantum Physics research has proven it for the last 100 years!

~ All major religions and most tribal religions have 2 basic principles:
(1)  You are created in the Image and Likeness of The Creator, which means you are a creator, your purpose is to create.
(2)  The Creator gave you Absolute Free Will.  That means you have permission to choose literally anything that you want to experience!

~ This makes you all powerful in your reality, and the creator of your world!

~ You do create your own future, as well as your present moment.

~ I will show you the future of your path, and show you choices you can make 
that will fulfill your dreams and desires!

~ I will show you how to create the best reality you can imagine,
 through spiritual use of the amazing Law of Attraction.

~ Your session is totally confidential.

~ I'm very caring, a great listener, open, widely experienced.


You Will Receive:

~ enlightenment
~ power
~ wisdom
~ understanding
~ peace
~ compassionate healing
~ a good friend
~ honest psychic readings
~ love


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1. Your health, your body

2. Your emotional health

3. Your family's influence on you

4. Your romance dynamics

5. Your work and money dynamics

6. Your Life Purpose

7. How other people see you


Aura layers



 ~ Find out what your dreams are telling you!

~ Understand yourself and your life better, by understanding your dreams!

~ Get empowerment, inspiration, and guidance, by understanding your dreams!

~ Get future insight about your path, by understanding your dreams!


~ If you're having the same dreams over and over, or if a dream has triggered deep emotions in you, then you are getting messages from your Higher Self, from your Angel Guides.

~ The meanings of the symbols, events, and people in your dreams are mostly unique to you and to whatever meaning that each one actually has in your own mind, and they are partly based on ancient traditional definitions.

~ I have decades of experience analyzing dreams, and I can account for several hundred dreams that have come true in my own life.   Professionally, I've brought enlightenment and inspiration and peace to clients by giving them understanding of their dreams for over 13 years.

~ I will tune into your dreams with my psychic ability and my decades of experience in understanding dreams, to clarify for you exactly what each symbol, event, or person in your dream means to you, the overall message that you're being given, and how you can use this information to bring you happiness!




Do you have departed loved ones -

~ who you think are trying to communicate with you?

~ whom you want to tell or ask things you never could before?

~ who you miss desperately, want to connect with?

~ whose forgiveness you desire?

~ who you just want to understand better?

~ who you would like to ask for help?



Your session will include:

1. Proof that it is your loved one
~ I will tell you 3 things (that I could not know before) that your loved one is showing me, things which connect you with your loved one, either in past experience with them, or in your recent life since they passed.
~ this means things that you both remember and that touched your hearts some way.
~ I will not go on until you feel certain that I'm seeing your loved one - sometimes that means going through 5 or 6 things to connect on before you remember what they remember - we all remember things from our pasts differently than other people do.

2. Messages from and communication with your departed loved one that will move your heart, touch your soul, and change your life!

These sessions are often emotionally overwhelming, definitely quite intense, but will be one of the most fulfilling things you've ever experienced!

"… only the best and the brightest souls have chosen to come into the physical realm at this point in history.  We are the bravest of the brave…  In the eyes of Spirit, you are already a glorified champion simply because you chose to be here in this extraordinary era of human evolution."
~ Dannion Brinkley, died & returned to life 3 times

sun burst




island beach

~ Are you in pain from the loss of a loved one?

~ Are you conflicted by lack of peace with someone you lost?

~ Are you missing the fun of life because of your grief?

~ Do you want to heal, to make peace, to be loved again?

~ Do you want to feel free of grief, free to be yourself again?


The GRIEF RELIEF PROGRAM will set you free!

Whether your loss is from a relationship breakup, or from the death of someone you loved, for most of us our lives become deeply effected by our grief.

The Grief Relief Program will allow you to reclaim your life, your power, your happiness.


The Grief Relief Program includes:

~ a program custom-tailored to your exact needs
~ psychic readings on you and your loved one
~ channeling of your departed loved one(s)
~ NLP techniques to free you of grief
~ NLP techniques to empower you and love yourself
~ Reiki healing (if desired)


You will get:

* 2-4 sessions (60 min each), one per week
* generous email support
* free 30-minute Self Love Meditation (MP3, high tech)
* useful handouts & powerful information
* recording of each session

Grief Relief - Package Prices (33% discount):

2 x 60 minutes = $264
3 x 60 minutes = $396

4 x 60 minutes = $528

~ This is a weekly program -
~ All appointments must take place within 38 days

~ There will be fun homework!