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Psychic Messages From Beyond

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We all receive them!  Most of the time we wonder why it’s happening, or if they are actually real, or we wonder what these psychic messages from beyond could possibly mean.  And, from where are they coming?  Who is sending us messages?

I’ve been aware of psychic messages, psychic information, all of my life, so I’ve had a lot of time to pay attention.  My observation is that these messages are coming from either your Higher Self, or one of your Angel Guides, or from a departed loved one.  I’ve also observed that where or who a message is coming from is not the least bit important, but the message is absolutely always important!  It usually is an answer to what you have been generally wondering about or specifically asking a question about in your life.

To get a better idea of who a psychic message might be coming from, when you see or hear the message, FEEL the energy and the emotions that are in your heart, in your feelings (your “gut”), and ask yourself if this energy and these emotions feel familiar.  Do they feel like somebody who has passed over to the spiritual side, ask yourself who was in your awareness when the message came.  Always focus on the very first person or entity that comes to you, because your second, third, and fourth thoughts are coming from your sense of logic, or fears, or desires, or prejudice about something in particular.

If the feelings you get remind you of your deceased relative or friend when you are first aware of the message, then it’s most likely coming from that person.  Or, if you are familiar with your Angel Guides, then ask yourself which one of them you FEEL at that moment – an Angel Guide will usually have a very pure and high frequency and light happy feeling!  (If you don’t know your Angel Guides, I can help you meet them in a psychic reading.)  If the psychic message is coming from your Higher Self, you will very likely sense a feeling that reminds you of when you were about five years old, that peaceful in-tune safe feeling that you had just as you were falling asleep at nap time.  No matter what the source is, feel the love, it will uplift you and empower you, and so will the psychic message!

These psychic messages from beyond come in various forms.  Some of the most common are hearing the same song lyrics repeated over and over, or seeing the same face or facial expression over and over, or seeing the same phrase repeated many times, or seeing the same number repeated multiple times in sequence, such as 111, or 1111, or 222, or 333, etc.

So, if you’re hearing the same song lyrics over and over, think about how they apply to your life at the moment, and what are these words telling you?  Sometimes you’ll just hear the same melody over and over – try to figure out what the lyrics are for that melody – there will be an important psychic message for you.

Here’s an example of this from my own life.  I was getting involved in a relationship with a woman to whom I was super attracted romantically and who totally turned me on.  But, I kept hearing the first 2 lines of “Evil Ways” by Carlos Santana, which are, “You’ve got to change your evil ways, baby, before I stop lovin’ you”.  I’d always liked that song and did not even consider that this could be psychic information for me – as I heard it playing in my head, I paid way more attention to the drum parts that I remembered from having played that song often with bands, than I did to the lyrics.  Nine months later the relationship had gone completely down the tubes.   By that time I had experienced some of the most vicious behavior that any woman had ever exhibited towards me.  As I tried to figure out why in the world I had not seen that coming since I’m a psychic, I finally remembered that I had heard the beginning lyrics to “Evil Ways” over and over as I was getting to know her, and it was not until then that I actually heard the words, “before I stop lovin’ you”, in my mind (not just the drum parts!).  I realized only after the relationship was all over and my heart was aching, that I actually had gotten all the psychic information that I needed in order to make the best choice, the choice that would have lead to my happiness (which would have been to say no to my horniness!).  That was twenty years ago, and I’ve been very attentive about repeated lyrics ever since!

One of the most common ways that you will receive psychic messages from beyond is seeing the same number repeated in sequence, like 555, or 222, or 333, or 1111.

Here are my interpretations of some of these numbers.  Remember that in Numerology, we always add the digits until we come up with a single-digit number, so that is the ultimate message.  But, there is further information about how to get to the place in the ultimate message, and that psychic information is contained in the number that is repeated.

For example, 1111:  adding the digits, that equals 4, which means “solidity, foundation, manifestation”, which then is the ultimate message.  But, the number 1 is being emphasized four times, which to me is further psychic information that the way for me to get to that place of solidity, foundation, and manifestation of my desires is to pay attention to the meaning of the number 1, which is “oneness, beginning, Oneness with Source and the Universe, Oneness with everyone, Oneness with myself, seeing God or Goddess in me”.   So, the message is that Oneness with Source, with myself, seeing God or Goddess in me, and making a beginning, will bring me the manifestation and foundation and solidity that I desire.

333 – adding the digits, that equals 9, which means “the fulfillment of your highest ideal, completion”, and that’s the ultimate message.  And, since the number 3 is being emphasized three times, I know that the way for me to get to that place of the fulfillment of my highest ideal and completion is to pay attention to the meaning of the number 3, which is “love, playfulness, happiness”.   So, the message is that love, playfulness, and happiness will bring me to the fulfillment of my highest ideal and completion.

And, as with other forms of messages, when you see repeated numbers, be aware of the emotions and feelings that you’re having – do they feel like somebody on the other side, or like one of your Angel Guides, or like your sweet precious beautiful innocent child-like Higher Self?  The psychic message will have even more meaning for you when you know in your heart who is sending it to you, and you will feel their love and be uplifted and empowered!!

If you want help interpreting the numbers or psychic messages that you’ve been seeing, please make an appointment for a psychic reading with me.

If you feel like a deceased relative or friend is sending you psychic messages from beyond and you want to know more, please make an appointment with me for a psychic reading to contact the departed.  It will be one of the most beautiful and heart-moving experiences you’ve ever had!

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