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Psychic Readings – Creating Your Best Path

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The information that you get from the best psychic reading should be so much more than just a psychic prediction of your future.  The best psychic should also give you information about how you can make the path in your psychic reading a better path for yourself, a path that actually contains the fulfillment of your desires and allows you to be truly happy!  If a psychic tells you only the outcome of the path that you are on and not how to make your path better, then you are basically stuck with that future.

That’s not how the universe works!  You have absolute free will.  You are a creator!

The important thing to remember is that a psychic reading tells you the future of the path on which you are currently moving – it is literally only the path that you are on right now, today, this moment.  Your current path is the result of all the choices that you have made over the years, and it is limited by what you believe you deserve and it is limited by what you believe is possible for you.

However, in actuality you can change the path that you’re on by beginning right now to make different choices!  And, by changing what you believe you deserve through learning to truly and passionately love yourself, by consciously and purposely changing what you believe is possible for yourself.  By changing your thoughts.

Quantum physics has confirmed that we are the ones creating our realities via the choices we make at any given moment, by the thoughts that we have.  Quantum physics has proven that everything is energy in its essence, and that it is only when we look at something that this energy turns into atoms which then have physical form.  It tells us that every time you look in any direction, you create the physical reality that you see.  The next time you look you will see things that you did not see the first time because you did not create those things the first time.  You created a physical reality only from the energy frequencies of the atoms that you put your attention on.

It works the same with manifesting things, people, and events in our lives; whatever we put our attention on is what we create.  Most of us have accepted this by now as common knowledge.  However, most of us still struggle with how the hell to actually do that in everyday life!

When I do psychic readings, I always offer additional info about how to make your path better, I show you what you can do to create more happiness for yourself, and I make sure you understand.  My psychic readings also offer tools that you can use to speed your progress.

7 Ways To Make The Future Path In Your Psychic Reading Better For You:

1.  If you don’t like the future path that a psychic has seen for you in a psychic reading, then change it!!  Change your choices, change your thoughts, and find out how to do that.  Ask for as much information and as many tools as you can digest in a psychic reading, and then begin immediately to take mindful purposeful deliberate action with a totally happy and optimistic attitude!

2.  Rely on your own psychic intuition, follow your heart, do what feels best to you, act on the first feeling that came to your heart, no matter what comes out in a psychic reading!  Even the very best psychic will never be 100% accurate in predicting the future, it simply is not possible, because in order for that to be possible then everything would in fact be pre-destined.

The future is not pre-destined.  The data from the science of quantum physics confirms that each of us is the one creating our reality, and very major religion as well as most tribal religions on the planet tell us that we are created in the image and likeness of the Creator, which means that we are creators, and that this Creator also gave us absolute free will.  So, as creators, not only do we never not have choices, but choosing and creating are the very things that we came here to do!  Choices and creating are the very essence of being alive!  So, it is impossible for any future even in the best psychic reading to be pre-destined because you and billions of other individuals on this planet are constantly using your free will to make choices and change those choices and even constantly find brand new possibilities as choices from which to select.

So, if you don’t like what you hear in a psychic reading, if what a psychic says does not feel right to you, then follow your own heart, follow your own psychic intuition, make the choices that feel good to you.  That will be your best path.

3.  Don’t put too much emphasis on when the things from a psychic reading have to happen.  Don’t give the Universe an ultimatum of the timetable that you’ve thought up in your mind and decide that if the deadline is not met then you are simply giving up!  Put your emphasis on continuing to make different choices and using the tools you got from your psychic reading.  Do not give up!  Timing is the least accurate thing that a psychic tunes into because with free will at play then everything and its timing are constantly vulnerable to change.  I give a range of time (for example, between 3-6 weeks) in my psychic readings, and I will tell you things you can do to speed the timing up.  If you truly want something, do not give up just because it’s taking longer than you want it to – instead, double your passion for your desire and double whatever tools and affirmations you’ve been using!

4.  Do not live for a particular future that shows up in a psychic reading!!  The only way to get the results you desire from your future is to take every step one-by-one on the way to that future, to live 100% in this moment, and to participate fully and passionately and with an open heart in this moment!  This moment is the ONLY time you can ever have power, ever make choices, or ever have happiness, and it’s the only time that you have influence.  The only way that you can experience any of those things, anything at all, is now, right now.

The more you thoroughly enjoy every now, the more you will attract more things that you completely enjoy, the more you will be moving toward that ultimate goal of your desire, and the happier you will be now!

Remember, it is always now!  The present moment is incredibly magical.  It is always the present moment.  The present moment is eternal.

In truth, there is no time!!  Einstein theorized it over 100 years ago and it has been proven ever since.  At the heart of physical reality everything is pure energy, that’s widely accepted – atoms, quantum particles are only physical when somebody is actually looking, otherwise they are pure energy.   Energy moves in frequencies which move at the speed of light.  We know that at the speed of light time stops, that when we or anything is traveling at the speed of light we no longer experience time, time stops, there is no time.

Since our entire reality, physical or otherwise, is energy which is moving at the speed of light where there is not time, then in the essence of our reality, time does not exist.  There is only now.  Enjoy each now completely and thoroughly.  The present moment is eternal.

5.  Be happy NOW!!  Never attach the definition of your happiness to a desired outcome that you were given in a psychic reading, such as “I’ll be happy when I find love… when I graduate… when I have a baby… when I get that job…”    Even if you achieve that desired outcome but delay being happy until then, you will actually deplete yourself of your energy and often lead to regular depression.  By allowing yourself only that one moment of true happiness that you hope you’ll have when you complete your goal is cheating yourself, because you could actually have been happy in every moment leading up to that moment you achieved your goal.

6.  Love yourself passionately!!  This is truly the most important element and foundation for making your future better.  Genuinely and purposely and passionately loving yourself is the key to fulfilling any desire, it is the key to being able to experience happiness now.  The information and insight you get from a psychic reading is really only useful to you if you love yourself enough to believe that you deserve to have the love, the prosperity, or the happiness that you desire.  The beautiful future that you hope to have any best psychic see in your psychic reading is truly limited by what you believe is possible for you, and the more that you love yourself the more you believe not only that most everything is possible for you, but you actually begin to feel beautifully entitled and simply expect to have what you desire.  That’s when we have the most power to fulfill our dreams.  Love yourself passionately!

Be positive, uplifting, kind, gentle, nurturing, forgiving to yourself – always!!!  Do so in both your attitude about yourself and in how you talk to yourself in your internal dialogue, in your thoughts.  There’s never any need to spend much time on the things you do not like about yourself – you probably know clearly what those things are.  Instead, praise yourself and compliment yourself and uplift yourself by having your internal dialogue with yourself be all about how much you love this particular thing about you, how much you adore seeing that particular quality in others and you love that about yourself too, etc.  Treat yourself like you treat your best friend – positive, uplifting, kind, gentle, nurturing, forgiving.

Often, look yourself in the eyes in the mirror, see the eyes of 5-year-old you, and say “I love you” and say your name.  5-year-old you is still precious, sweet, innocent, beautiful, and wants nothing more than just to be loved!!  Love her / him with passion!  Love yourself!

7.  Often (at least 15 minutes every day) VISUALIZE the ideal future that you wanted from your best psychic reading, the better future that the psychic showed you how to create.  Put yourself into the scene in that future, feel the things and people that are around you, feel the texture of what you’re touching and wearing, hear what people will be saying to you and the sounds that will surround you, smell the aromas of that future scene, enjoy whatever tastes you associate with that scene, and really FEEL the excitement and pleasure you’ll be experiencing from this desire being fulfilled!  Do that consistently every day and your ideal future is guaranteed to appear!

I wish you the grandest fulfillment of your greatest dreams, and so very much fun!!

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