Powerful, rejuvenating, Reiki Healing
~ from a distance (in the comfort of your home)
~ or in person

Want relief from stress?   Reiki brings blissful relief!

Want relief from physical pain?   Reiki brings relaxing relief!

Want relief from emotional pain?   Reiki brings joyful relief!

Want to be more confident?   Reiki builds you up big!

Want to be more "in tune"?   Reiki tunes you up magically!



What Is Reiki?


"Rei" means Universe, or God Consciousness.
"Ki" means Chi, or Life Force Energy.
"Reiki" means, basically, the life force energy of the universe, or of God (in Japanese).

Reiki Healing focuses this universal life force energy (Chi) on your body and your spiritual being, allowing you to receive additional life force energy, which strengthens the body and your emotional state in order to promote self-healing, reduce stress, bring emotional balance and deep peaceful relaxation.  Reiki also enables a better quality of life.

Reiki is an ancient healing art that is similar to energy healing such as that found in traditional Chinese medicine, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Pranic Healing, and others.  It is also known to be a way of gaining powerful spiritual development as well as practical personal growth.

A Reiki Master treats the fully-clothed patient by placing his hands in 12 positions along the energy pathways and energy centers (Chakras) of your body - positions that are similar to the ones used in acupuncture.

I place my hands in these positions on you in a virtual way, from a distance, using my psychic ability and the powerful Reiki Distance Healing techniques, to channel nurturing euphoric healing energy into your being.

A Reiki Master does not use their human energy for healing - we channel directly from the benevolent nourishing Universal Source, the Life Force Energy of the Universe, of God.

Reiki History:


Reiki Healing is said to have originated in Tibet several thousand years ago, and was revived in Japan in the 1800's by Dr. Mikao Usui, who devoted himself for decades to intense study of this and other energy healing arts in India and Tibet. Later, Dr. Usui's Reiki Clinic in Japan became well-known for its success with healing, and he then began to teach Reiki Healing to others.

Hawayo Takata, who lived in Hawaii and was a student of Dr. Usui's, was the first Reiki Master to bring Reiki to the Western world in the 1930's. However, not until the 1970's did she pass the Reiki knowledge on to others in the West.

Since then, Reiki has become increasingly popular and has gained ever more credibility as a legitimate healing art in the medical world, including prestigious Harvard University Medical School (see quotes above).

"Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that most everyone can benefit from.  It has been found to be effective in helping every known illness, including cancer.  It may be used in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote quality of life.  Reiki energy is non-invasive and safe."

~ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,
Harvard University Medical School

"Research on various types of energy work has shown that, in addition to deep relaxation, Reiki can promote a reduction in anxiety, muscle tension, and pain, can promote accelerated wound healing, and can promote wellness and a greater sense of well-being.  It is useful during illness, after injuries, pre- and post-op, as well as for health promotion."

~ Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT

How Reiki (and Distance Reiki) Works:


A Reiki Master channels and focuses the energy of the Universal Source (God, The Universe, The Creator...) on a particular place or on a situation.  True health, overall well-being, and abundance, are the result of vibrant, balanced, flowing energy within you.  Reiki Healings increase the amount of nourishing Source energy flowing to and through you.

As proven by quantum physics, your body, everything in the universe, is pure energy in its basic state.  Reiki heals your body and your emotional being at the quantum energy level, the level where all of reality is vibration, frequency, connected to, and a part of all that is.

Reiki distance healing works as effectively as in-person Reiki treatments because Universal Energy, or God Energy, can be channeled and directed to a particular place without needing to be in that place.  (For the same reason that any good psychic can tell you how you're feeling today, what your future is, even on the phone being 3,000 or 6,000 miles away from you.)

I use shamanic breathing and my psychic skills to magnify and intensify the nourishing Reiki healing energy that I channel to you.

Reiki energy empowers and strengthens your body, your mind, your emotional being, your spiritual being, and it then allows you to effortlessly heal yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, by being and remaining vividly and vibrantly connected to the Universal Source, to God.

Chakra Meanings Chart


What You Will Experience in a Reiki Healing:


While lying down (ideal), fully clothed, a Reiki Healing will make you feel relaxed, perhaps euphoric (floating feeling), and you will likely feel tingling sensations and warmth in various parts of your body, as I use my psychic ability to place my hands on your body in some or all of the 12 Reiki hand positions, and on your Chakras, or wherever attention is needed.

For a distance healing, you are laying down at home, meditating, and opening your heart to receiving, while I visualize the positions on your body.

The experience varies for each individual and even varies in different sessions for the same individual.  You may feel heat, tickling, movement of energy, "butterfly" sensations in your body and your emotions, you may feel the need to release through either laughter or tears, and you may even be so deeply relaxed that you fall asleep(the Healing will still work).  Some people have a powerful spiritual experience.

I use my psychic power to magnify and intensify your Healing, to increase the amount of Reiki Universal energy that I channel to you.  Some have said they feel more energy and more healing effect from my distance Reiki Healings than in-person treatments they have had from other practitioners.

Usually, three or more consecutive Reiki sessions are recommended for best results, but most people experience a physical and emotional "high" from having more life energy, more peaceful balance, as well as an improvement in their condition, even after the first Reiki Healing.

Reiki FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions):

waterfall and stream

What does a Reiki Healing do for you?   Why have Reiki?


Relieves pain

*  Treats the symptoms and the causes of illness

*  Promotes natural self-healing of injuries

*  Strengthens the immune system

*  Balances the energies of your body's organs and functions, to promote wellness

*  Releases blocked or suppressed feelings, to promote emotional & spiritual peace

*  Enhances your ability to meditate

*  Enhances spiritual growth and self-awareness and creativity

*  Balances your energy centers (chakras, aura) for general Well-Being, happiness, empowerment

*  Relaxes you, reduces stress

*  Helps you love yourself more

*  Helps you love your inner child more

*  Balances & strengthens your emotional state

*  Promotes self-confidence

*  Promotes self-power through the power of love

Is Reiki Safe?

Yes. A Reiki Healer channels the life-giving energy of the Universal Source, rather than using their own energy.  Universal Source energy can not harm you. One of Harvard Medical School's websites states "Reiki is non-invasive and safe" (see quote above).

Reiki healers' hourly rates range from $30 to over $300 - why not go cheap?

A Reiki Healer who values themselves at $30 per hour will usually give you that level of low quality, likely even treating other people simultaneously during your appointment.  A Healer who has devoted themselves to developing and mastering their skills and confidence (like me) will charge you more, and they will also bring you a significantly higher, more intensely effective amount of healing Reiki Energy than the cheap version.  I will focus on and treat only one individual (you) during your treatment, and use my psychic ability to magnify and intensify your Healing so you get the best possible results.  (see Reiki Testimony)

Shouldn't spiritual healing be free - why is Reiki not offered for free?

If you place no value on a thing, you have no belief that it is worth something, so it can not be of any benefit to you or to your life. If you put no value on healing you can not be healed.


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Reiki Testimony

waterfall"Walter is an amazing healer.  He is a master at Reiki and is genuine in spirit.  I never experienced such an amazing session!  I highly recommend him."   ~ Dr. T, Sierra Madre, CA

"First off, his flow and power trumps every other Reiki treatment I have ever had!  This was my 4th experience of having a Reiki distance treatment.  However, it was my first experience with Walter.  He had me tingling and flowing from head to toe... literally!  Some of the issues have already cleared up.  The reason I asked him for a treatment was due to my leg causing me great pain, because the hip keeps popping out.  It has been a little over a week and I have seen much progress in gaining stability when I walk.  I know that a couple more of his VERY powerful energy flow will be all that I need.  With gratitude."    ~ Betsy, San Francisco, CA

"As a psychic, Walter is an amazing intuitive.  His work as a reiki master and inner child healer is profound.  Walter couples inner child healing within his reiki sessions, which I have found to be a vital part of my own healing. The healing work he is doing is powerful and gentle.  My experience was a breakthrough into my healing life and I am so grateful.  His work as an inner child healer is exemplary and something that is so vital for us all to feel within ourselves and experience for true inner healing."    ~ Katie, London, England

"I have been getting periodic Reiki sessions from Walter for a few months now, and with his powerful healings I have made impressive progress with two issues that are very important to me!  His work helping me find more self-confidence has helped me to more fully experience and enjoy my world and love myself like I've never been able to before!  His healings have also brought me significant relief with arm and shoulder muscle issues that had been bothering me for quite some time before that.  These sessions were distance healings, but I have also experienced an in-person session with Walter that was truly an amazingly blissful experience!   I recommend his compassionate Reiki healings to anyone."    ~ Laura, Pittsburgh, PA

"Walter was great with the Reiki healing.  After my first Reiki healing ever,  I felt relaxed, so much that I felt I could sleep.  My neck spasm was almost gone, and I was able to cry (release) during the session, which I liked.  I strongly recommend this gifted person Walter.  Thanks Walter."    ~ B.T., St. Augustine, FL

"All I can say is this man is simply at one with the universe.  He knows exactly how to pinpoint your problems and fix them ultimately making you more in sync with the universe.  I have been around so many spiritual people, but Walter is truly the best of the best.  He truly knows how to get into sync with your body and allow yourself to open to the universe, allowing you to feel alive and in sync with the universe yourself.  I had my first Reiki session, which was long distance, with Walter and must say even with me being in another country at the time I felt the full effects of his healing work.  He is very nice, caring, a good listener, and a patient man.  Being in the Medicine field, I must say no medicine can provide the same healing effects as deep meditation, such as Reiki, leaving you with full positive energy."    ~ Ali, New York City, NY
"My Reiki session with Walter was not only extremely comforting, but also very powerful.  I have had in-person Reiki sessions in the past and was not sure how it would work over the phone through distance healing.  I was very surprised at how quickly I felt the transfer of energy in the beginning of the session (the only way I can describe the initial energy is recalling how it feels to float on a raft in a swimming pool with mild waves - very relaxing and peaceful).
As the session progressed, I was amazed that Walter was able to tap into areas of my body that had been causing me physical pain for some time.  I felt the energy center on these areas and it provided instant warmth and healing.
It has been a few days since my Reiki session and I am truly feeling the benefits.  While I will admit that I was a bit tired the past few days (this is normal after Reiki), I have felt more balanced and have had less physical pain.  My emotions are also more balanced and I feel I am re-connected with my intuition.  Important decisions, both business and personal, have been much easier to make now that I have regained that level of intuitive conscientiousness.
Regardless of what your needs may be, whether you are dealing with physical pain or need to gain clarity in a specific area of your life, I highly recommend scheduling a Reiki session with Walter.  I think the benefits are so worthwhile and powerful."     ~ Amber, Los Angeles, CA

"Walter is a very gifted Reiki practitioner.  He gave distance Reiki to my cat, who has been relaxed and calm since the session - it has clearly been quite beneficial for him.  Reiki is healing for everyone, including animals, and I plan to have Walter focus his wonderful energy on me as well as on animals again.  I am delighted to recommend Walter as a Reiki practitioner!"    ~ Valerie, Vancouver, BC, Canada



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How to Prepare for Your Reiki Healing Session

For a DISTANCE HEALING (by phone or Skype):

* First, email me a relatively recent photo of yourself -
to - I use that to focus the energy more directly to you.
(if it's not possible to send a photo, we'll work without it)

* Play some meditative music that pleases and soothes you during your Reiki session.

* Also, a lighted candle or two really helps to set a spiritual and receptive atmosphere.

* It's best to lie down in a place where you feel safe and comfortable and where you will not be interrupted.   You can EVEN be SLEEPING (if you prefer), during the time that I perform the healing.

* Open your heart to receiving.

*  I will call you briefly at the beginning of our session to prepare, and briefly at the end of our session (or the next day if you were sleeping) to discuss results, so that you can lie down and be completely relaxed during your treatment.



*  Wear comfortable clothing.
* Open your heart to receiving.


**** Reiki Healings have been shown to be equally effective whether you're in person, distance, meditating, or sleeping. ****


What to expect in your Reiki session (Distance or In-Person)

river and mountains* For all the treatments that I offer, I will be placing my hands using the 12 Reiki Hand Positions on your body (for distance healing I do this virtually).  These positions are similar to the energy centers found in acupuncture, and also correlate to the 7 Chakras which make up your Aura (your energy being).

* For a Reiki Healing, my focus will be primarily on the 12 Reiki Hand Positions, as well as any area of your body that needs attention, especially anywhere that you are having pain.

* For a Chakra Cleansing, or Aura Clearing, my focus will be primarily on your 7 Chakras.

* The experience varies for each individual and even varies in different sessions for the same individual.

* You may feel heat, tingling, tickling, vibration, you may feel "butterfly" sensations in your body (like tummy tingles), perhaps even energy gushing through you like a waterfall, during the session.

* You may feel the need to release by laughing or crying.  Release, let it all out!!  You are releasing blocked energy stored in your memories, and in the memories of the cells of your body.  Blocks prevent healthy energy flow, and emotions get caught up, even archived, in those blocked places.  Cry if you feel the need, but most importantly, laugh as much as possible every day, actually - I do, you may like it too!

* You may have profound thoughts, see images, get amazing inspiration for your life, you may even have a profound spiritual experience.  Have fun with it!

* Reiki energy is safe! (see the Harvard Medical School testimony above).  Reiki energy comes from The Universal Source, not from the mind of the Reiki Master, and Universal Source energy is always beneficial, so Reiki can never do you harm.  Reiki energy goes where it is most needed in your being, in your body, and it is always healing energy.

* You can expect to feel deeply relaxed after your Reiki session (and during), and you will feel more centered and at peace, as well as energized and lighter.  Pain that you were feeling should be diminished, perhaps even gone.

* Being so relaxed, it is possible that you may fall asleep during the session.  No problem!!  That means you need rest in order to heal, and the Reiki treatment will be effective even if you sleep.

* A Series of Reiki Healing Sessions (25% discount when you buy 3) is recommended if you have a major health issue, a major emotional issue, or even if you just want to have a really beautiful spiritual experience.  Ideally, it's best to do the series on consecutive days (3 days in a row) for the fastest result, but weekly sessions work too - it just takes longer for you to get the results you desire.

* If your session is for an animal, we will discuss by email how to get the right atmosphere for your particular animal and circumstance.

* Relax, enjoy, feel the euphoria of Universal Source Energy!


The Five Principles of Reiki

Just for today, I will let go of anger.
Just for today, I will let go of worry.
Today, I will count my many blessings.
Today, I will do my work honestly.
Today, I will be kind to every living creature.


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