Holographic universe explains psychic readings

Universe Is Hologram, Explains Psychic Readings

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Accurate psychic readings are possible because the universe is constructed like a hologram!  I know that may sound pretty far-fetched, but the modern theory of the universe being a hologram is becoming ever more widely accepted among physicists and other scientists.  It is the only theory of the foundation of physical reality which classifies nothing as “supernatural”.  That is, there is an explanation for the existence of absolutely everything that we know about, whether it’s physical or non-physical or considered “supernatural” or “paranormal”.

That means accurate psychic readings on people thousands of miles away, psychic or astral projection, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), remote viewing, intuition, psychic medium readings, talking to the departed, and everything that science of the past has called “supernatural” and “paranormal”, are all explained and proven to actually exist in this theory that says the universe is put together like a hologram.

A hologram is composed of very many frequencies (energy waves) that all interact and create a frequency interference pattern (or wave interference pattern), which distributes itself equally throughout the hologram.  This means that the complete information of everything that is contained in the entire hologram is available at any given spot in the hologram.

Not long after the invention of the laser beam in the early 1960’s, it became possible to create holograms.  Here’s how that’s done (see graphic):

Hologram and psychic readings
– a single laser beam is split into two laser beams (top right of graphic).
– each of the two new beams is sent in different directions.
– one of the beams, via mirrors, goes through a diffusing lens and then to a piece of holographic film (left side of graphic).
– the other beam goes through a diffusing lens and then to an object, for example, an apple.
– those beams are bounced off the apple and sent to the holographic film.

– the original diffused beam is one particular frequency
– the diffused beam from the apple has changed to reflect the multiple frequencies in the qualities of the apple.
– when these multiple frequencies meet the frequency of the original laser beam on the holographic film, they create one single frequency interference pattern that distributes itself equally everywhere on the film.

– when we shine another laser beam through the holographic film, a 3D image of the apple appears on other side.
– because the information of the whole is available at any given spot in the frequency interference pattern on the film, we can cut the film in half, and still always get a hologram of the whole apple.
– we can keep cutting until we get just a tiny fraction of the holographic film, shine a laser beam through it, and we still get a hologram of a whole apple.

– since the apple is a projection of the frequency interference pattern on the film, every piece of the hologram of the apple is also a part of the frequency interference pattern and so every piece contains all the information of the whole apple.

So, even though each piece of apple hologram has a distinct appearance or identity, its underlying foundation is still the frequency interference pattern, and it then has all the information of the whole hologram.

It is exactly the same in our physical reality, in the physical universe.  To put it simply, we already know and accept that everything physical in the universe, every atom and every atomic particle, is pure energy, composed entirely of energy.  Energy manifests in frequencies, in waves.  Since everything in the universe is a frequency that travels in waves, every one of these frequencies interacts with every other frequency in the universe and creates a massive frequency interference pattern that distributes itself equally throughout the universe.

This massive frequency interference pattern causes the universe to have the properties of a hologram, where all the information of the entire universe is literally available at any given spot!!

Just like with the hologram of the apple, each individual piece of the universe has a distinct appearance or identity, but each piece still also contains all the information of the entire universe!  That means, inside your heart, inside your brain, anywhere, you have access to all of the information of the entire universe!  How amazing is that?!

According to our current understanding of physics, since everything is energy in its essence, then every region of space and everything in it, is composed of different kinds of waves of varying lengths and various frequencies.  Each wave always has at least some level of energy which can be measured.  For decades now, when physicists calculated the minimum amount of energy that these waves can possess, they find that every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all the matter known to be in the whole universe!  When one accepts that the universe is a hologram where all the information of the whole is available at any given spot, these calculations finally make sense, and literally form evidence of the fact that the universe is a hologram.

Russell Targ, one of the inventors of the laser beam, is a proponent of the holographic theory of the universe.  Later in life he also spent decades scientifically studying psychic abilities at Stanford University.  Targ says “The important idea here is that each of us has our mind in our own piece of the space-time hologram, containing all the information that exists or ever was”.  So, not only is all of the information of the entire universe available at any given spot in the universe (including in your brain), but also all of the information of any given time period or moment of the past is available to us too.

My observation is that this includes information about future events too.  However, future events and whatever path that we are on can be changed, which is something that I always stress when I give a psychic reading.  We do have free will and we can change our futures, but any good professional psychic can tap into that information in the universe and give you a useful and accurate psychic reading.

Quantum physics has proven again and again through scientific experiments that atoms, the basis of physical reality, are only physical atoms and only have physical particles when somebody is looking.  When nobody is observing, atoms and particles do not have physical form, they are only frequencies of energy.  The very act of looking is what creates the physical reality that we see!  Every time you turn around, you just created what you see – before you turned around, everything that was there was just energy and you actually gave it physical form just by looking.  The next time you turn around, you will notice things that you did not notice the first time – that’s because the information for those previously unnoticed things was there in energy form, but you did not create it the first time you looked!

Max Planck, considered to be one of the main discoverers of quantum physics, said way back in 1931, “I regard consciousness as fundamental.  I regard matter as derivative of consciousness”.  So, matter is derived from consciousness, from thought.  Consciousness creates matter.  I’m going to repeat that:  consciousness is what creates matter.

This means that consciousness, thoughts, which is where all psychic information and psychic awareness are, is the essence of what exists, of what we are.  That is, physical matter, physical reality exists as the result of thoughts, of consciousness.

Albert Einstein said “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”.  The world of matter, the physical world that we perceive at any given moment exists only because we create it with our thoughts, and it is therefore an illusion created by our minds.

For me, this perception of reality as a hologram is hugely empowering!!  I am creating the entire physical reality that I perceive and I have the power to make that reality as beautiful as I want to.  But, not only that, I also have direct open access to all the information and knowledge and insight that is contained in the entire universe for all time!  This means to me that absolutely everyone is capable of being psychic, of being intuitive.  And, it means that accurate psychic readings, genuine psychic readings, reliable psychic readings, contacting the departed psychic readings, are all something that are a natural part of the universe.

For more information and scientific evidence of the Holographic Theory, check out these books:

* The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot
The Dancing Wu Li Masters, by Gary Zukav
The Reality of ESP, by Russell Targ

* The book, The Holographic Universe, changed my life in the most empowering way that I’ve ever experienced when I read it back in 1994.  Like I never thought was even possible, this book by science writer Michael Talbot caused me to clearly understand life and the world and the universe and how much power I have over my own reality!

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